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What is treyvin.com all about?

Treyvin is an online platform for learning, building, advertising and improving lifes. The company belives in educational growth, which is acquiring knowledge and acting on it.

How does it work?

Treyvin is very easy to access, you don’t need to create a profile page or go through any sort of difficulty. The platform was not designed for any particular member, but for every single individual coming into the platform.

What are our ratings & reviews? 

Ratings & Reviews are perhaps the most important service we offer to our users. They help us keep track of the quality of service provided by our company.  When you do place ratings and reviews, you not only help other consumers make the right choice, you also contribute to the overall quality of service we offer.

when do i submit my ratings and reviews?

When you’re ready. Once your job is complete, you can always visit the treyvin website to complete your Ratings & Reviews at that time.

where can i drop my complains?

If you are having any issues and you want to drop your complains, you can easily slide into our forum or send us an email – support@treyvin.com.

What Countries do you cover?

We cover Nigeria, Ghana, india, United states, canada, and many more.

What if I change my mind during a project and want to cancel a contract?

The decision to stop a project will have to be worked out between you and our support team. Expect to pay for work and materials performed up to that point. We ask that you remember to come back to our website to complete your Ratings & Reviews.

Treyvin associates

How do i register?

Registration is absolutly free and easy to do. Before registration you must have at least a knowledge of webdesign or any other programming skill.

• open the menu bar and click on work for us

• a page will open showing all the instructions on how to go about everything.

• Read carefully and fill the registration form.

how much can i make from treyvin?

You can make as much money as possible depending on your hardwork.

when can i start working for treyvin?

You can start working as soon as your registration has been accepted and your website has been created.