This is needed after you have registered and requested for a free blog from After registration of your free blog, it will probably take 3 business days in order for it to be completed. On day three of the final building of your blog we will send you an invitation to become an admin and start managing your blog.

Steps On How to Accept the Invitation Sent by Us

  • ┬áCheck your email for the invitation
  • If found ignore it and go to your web browser
  • On the search box type in
  • Wait for it to load…
  • When the page has opened, at the top right of the web page click on sign in
  • Sign in with the gmail you submitted to us.
  • After signing in a page will open showing you should continue with Gmail or blogger.
  • Don’t choose either, leave the page and go back to the invitation we sent to you, then accept it.
  • You will be referred to that same page that stated you should continue with gmail or blogger
  • Select blogger then proceed
  • A front end working area page will open where you can make any changes and operate your blog.